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In the Market for a New Meat Smoker? We Have Everything You Need to Know

At Smoker Beat, our experts are meat lovers just like you. We’ve done the hard work in researching meat smokers so that you don’t have to, and we’ve made sure that our website is just as helpful to the first-timer as the old-timer. We’ve got everything from which smoker to buy to why you need to brine your meat, to the correct temperature for your meat so that you get it just right on the very first try.

At Smoker Beat, we’ve put together the ultimate resource to help you find the perfect meat smoker. And not only that, once you’ve made your decision we’ll help you find the right place to buy it.

What Kind of Meat Smoker Should I buy?

Head over to the Meat Smokers tab, and you’ll find detailed explanations of all the different types of Smokers. Electric? Propane? Wood? Pellet? Our experts explain the differences in plain, ordinary, language that make it remarkably easy to make that all too important decision.

What are The Different Components to Meat Smokers? 

We have a section for that too. If you’re curious about why you need lava rocks to smoke your meat, our team will make it super clear for you. We’ll explain what all the different components to your smoker are, what they do, and how you need to look after them.

What If I Want to Make My Own Smoker?

Once you’ve read through the section on the smoker components, you may decide to put one together yourself. We love DIY here at Smoker Beat and can provide detailed instructions on building the perfect smoker for you.

What Kind of Wood Do I Need for My Meat Smoker?

The choices are nearly limitless. We have a section devoted to explaining the different types of wood that can be used in smokers, and we also tell you how to soak the wood to get the best taste possible.

Does it Matter Which Cut of Meat I Smoke?

Unsure if you want marbled meat, shoulder or Beef Brisket? How big should your cut of meat be?  Which cuts aren’t suitable for my meat smoker? Our section Choosing the Right Cuts of Meat will give you the information you need for the perfect cut of smoked meat. We’ve even got some recipes you can choose from.

Visit the pages of Smoker Beat now, and in no time at all, you’ll be a meat smoker expert too.

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