The number of outdoor grill enthusiasts is rapidly increasing in the country. Sadly, many of these new smoker owners do not know the different parts of a smoker and how they work.

Just because your smoker was preassembled when you bought it, does not mean that you should not take an interest in knowing the parts of a smoker. Having such information will not only earn you bragging rights among your smoker friends, but also help you repair your smoker the next time it breaks down.

Fortunately, this guide will help you understand the important parts of a BBQ smoker and their functions.

Essential Parts of a BBQ Smoker

1. The Igniter

This is quite self-explanatory.

An igniter is used to start a bbq smoker. While you can still use a matchstick to ignite your smoker when your igniter fails, this can be incredibly dangerous and a fire safety hazard.

Therefore, you should always replace your igniter from a reliable smoker dealer instead of dropping a match on your grill.

Weber Replacement Parts have proven to be cost-effective and dependable over the years, so they will quickly get you sorted out on various grill parts, including the igniter.

2. Heat Distribution Plates

The purpose of heat distribution plates is to cover your flame partly during the smoking process. They are also responsible for the even distribution of heat during cooking as well as minimizing flame flare-ups that erupt from your smoker when meat fat drips into the open flames.

Flare-ups not only make the smoking a whole lot more hectic, but also burn your meat. This means that a heat distribution system plays a huge role in ensuring that you churn out tasty beef, pork, turkey, or anything else that you cook using your smoker.

3. The Cooking Grate

They may vary in shapes and designs depending on the type of your grill, but their purpose is all the same.  This is the part of the smoker that holds the meat.

Most cooking grates have stainless steel, cast iron, porcelain, and chrome plated designs. You can get any of these finishes from Charbroil Parts depending on the kind of grill marks you are looking for.

4. The Digital Control Panel

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This is one of Masterbuilt electric smoker parts, whose core function is to set the temperatures in a smoker.

It is usually mounted on top of a bbq smoker and has a user-friendly LED display that allows users to monitor and regulate temperatures easily.

5. The Water Bowl


The water bowl usually prevents food from spilling over to the wood chips. You should always ensure that the bowl is filled with water before the smoking process.

6. The Woodchip Loader

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This is one of the most outstanding features of a digital smoker.

With the wood chip loader, you do not have to open the smoker door when loading wood chips – it provides a convenient way of doing this.

It also reduces wood flare-ups during the smoking process.

7. The Air Damper


The air damper is usually preassembled into the body of the smoker. It is advisable to keep it closed to retain moisture and heat when smoking most meat cuts.

However, you should ensure that it is open when smoking jerky and fish to allow the excess moisture to escape.

8. Universal Leg Extension


Thanks to the universal leg extension, customizing your smoker set up has never been easier. You can use the Masterbuilt kit to adjust your smoker’s height up to several inches. This allows enough storage for tools and wood chips.

Even better is the fact that this accessory is compatible with both the 40-inch and 30-inch smokers. It also comes with wheels, making it convenient to move your smoker around.

9. Thermometer

For smokers that do not have a digital heat control system, a thermometer is used to monitor the temperatures. For maximum functionality, you need to place your thermometer at the grate level instead of the lid.

If you own a long offset smoker, ensure that you purchase at least two thermometers so that you can easily monitor the temperatures on both ends of your smoker to ensure that they are uniform.

This is because the temperatures on the extreme ends of your smoker vary at times, and this can result in a poorly cooked bbq.

Now, Roast Your BBQ Away

If you have just completed reading this guide, you have safely completed the first step to becoming a well-informed outdoor grill enthusiast—knowing the parts of a smoker and their functions.

Have fun BBQ-ing!

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