Chicken very well may be the most popular protein in the world. This delicious bird has gone from the jungles of Southeast Asia to farms across the world, the backyards of many, and the stomachs of many more. It simply tastes delicious and is a wonderful carrier for all sorts of other tastes, making it an ideal meat to prepare in your smoker. Smoking chicken is a rewarding and scrumptious way to prepare yard bird, but there are some pitfalls to avoid.

In this article we will present you with a surefire method for smoking chicken alongside some major tips and tricks to help you become a smoking chicken master. First, let us explain the basic method for smoking chicken.

Smoking Chicken: Step by Step

What follows is the basic procedure for smoking your chicken. If you've got your preferred seasoning, a smoker, wood chips, and your chicken, you can follow this procedure. Keep in mind that different styles of smokers require different steps for getting them ready.

  • Thaw your chicken (if necessary)
  • Clean your chicken and rinse it thoroughly
  • Pat your chicken dry (definitely necessary)
  • Rub your seasonings and oils onto your dried chicken
  • Get your smoker ready
  • Add your chicken when the temperature hits 225°F
  • Smoke your chicken for 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Turn your chicken over
  • Finish the bird for another 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Check your bird's temperature at the meatiest part to make sure it has hit the “magic number” of 160°F

Eight Tips for Smoking Chicken Properly

Dried Chicken Makes Crispy Skins

Let Simple Seasonings Shine

Balance Your Smoke Flavor With Mild Hardwood

Preheat Your Smoker to 225 Degrees Fahrenheit

Patience Is Key

Towards the End, Turn Up the Heat

Don't Make Your Skins Soggy With Sauce

Do Your Bird Right: Don't Overdo It

BONUS TIP: Beer Can Chicken

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If you really want to up the game when it comes to smoking chicken, we recommend you buy a beer can chicken holder. This useful device will cost you only about $10, and it adds a ton of potential to your smoked chicken. A beer can chicken holder is simply a metal frame that holds a beer can in place inside the central cavity of your chicken.

When the heat gets turned up, the beer inside the chicken evaporates and helps to steam the chicken from the inside while the smoke soaks in from the outside. The result is a chicken that is moist in the middle while being nice and crispy on the outside. You get the best of both worlds!

Featured Image by Wow Phochiangrak from Pixabay

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